We were thrilled to welcome our past pupil Bill Maybury back to St. Mary’s on Tuesday morning to speak with our 5th and 6th class pupils! Bill is a songwriter and has written songs for numerous singers including Cian Ducrot, Ryan Mack, Kenzie, Fia Moon as well as writing Ewan Mainwood’s latest song Waiting for You. Having previously learned the trade in LA while interning for Crush Music, Bill now lives in London and recently signed a deal in a joint venture between Sony Music Publishing UK and Songhouse Music!
Bill spoke to our 5th & 6th class pupils about his experiences working in his dream job as a songwriter. He told the children about the various celebrities he has met and worked with. Bill was very generous with his time, answering all of the questions asked of him before signing autographs for everyone. He left these following words of wisdom behind for all of the children…”Always dream big, follow your passion, work hard and be kind!”