They say charity begins at home but for these incredibly kind and thoughtful pupils it began close to home, specifically at their nana’s front door beside the Post Office in Enniskeane!

It all started a while back when Ella began selling her hen and duck eggs to her family, donating 50% of the money collected to Penny Dinners each Christmas. This year however, with the help of her brother Liam and her cousins Daniel, Adam, Kate and Lilly they decided to go a little further and set up a stall at their nana’s front door near the Post Office selling hot chocolate, mulled apple juice and cookies to anyone passing by. As a result of this selfless charity work, Ella and Liam visited Cork Penny Dinners yesterday morning and presented a cheque for €200 to the extremely grateful charity! 👏 They also donated 3 boxes of clothes and food given to them by family members. Well done Ella, Liam, Daniel, Adam and Kate, you should be very proud of yourselves because we certainly are proud of you all! 👊